Patio Awning Installation

Outdoor living is becoming very much the norm as we see more and more warmer, drier summers, made more comfortable with the addition of a patio awning to let you control direct sunshine while you are enjoying the great weather.

Modern patio awnings offer high tech solutions, automated to retract in high winds and also to control the temperature of adjoining rooms by deploying when the temparature rises above a preset level.

Small features that help to make life easier and more relaxing.

Sun shade awnings can take several different forms depending on your intended usage. Retractable roof style awnings can be perfect for outside dining areas, or wall mounted awnings can be used in groups to provide large areas of shade across larger patios.

To get some ideas of the best options for your patio, the layout of your garden and where the sun rises and sets, ask for a free, no obligation quote and get a high quality patio awning for your home today.

It’s never wise to sit in direct sunlight all day and the damage that can be done to your skin and the risks of cancer have led more and more people to seek a solution so they can comfortably enjoy their gardens, barbeques and outdoor life while also benefiting from the advantages that an area of shade can offer.

Sun Shades

The days of struggling with difficult to erect garden umbrellas and the large, unwieldy concrete bases they require in order to stay put are long gone.

Today, garden shading can be motorised, automated and fully controllable at the touch of a button.

Affordable style that helps to make your patio into a useable outdoor room that you will be happy to use more and more.

Discover your options and transform your patio today.

Business Networking Is All About Relationships

Business Networking

The benefits of business networking are many fold, however, not all networking is the same.

Some groups offer you more advantages than others.

One such advantage is that any group that only allows one business from each trade or service sector to be a member, ensures that it will be that member who receives any and all referrals that are generated by the group requiring that service.

Of course, you still need to be good at what you do and have a good reputation, but you don’t have to compete with similar buinesses for any opportunities.

Structured Networking

Different groups have different ways of functioning and it is very often these methods and processes that make the biggest difference for the members. Thus, the longest lasting groups tend to be the ones that have the best structures in place.

While some groups (especially larger national organisations) tend to have very strict rules and regulations to govern the consistency between all of their groups, others have few or now rules in place at ll and often become little more than talking shops.

As such, these are often short lived as they dont offer a return on investment for their members.

The most successful groups tend to be the ones with a few strategic rules in place, but that also offer networking tips and assistance, training etc. to help members to become even more successful and to grow their businesses even faster.

One of Bedfords leading weekly business networking groups is The ROOM, a group of 30+ that meets for breakfast every Tuesday morning. Ask them why their members love their meetings so much?

Photography Tips

Photography for Beginners

There are three important ingredients that make up great photography, shutter speed, aperture size and ISO. Combined with these is lighting, which will make or break the final quality of your images.

Shutter speed, aperture and ISO combine and work together to allow more or less light through the lens to your image sensor.

The faster the shutter speed, the less light enters, in the same way, the smaller the aperture (which has a larger corresponding number) then the Continue reading “Photography Tips”

SEO Is Dead – No It Isn’t

Is SEO Dead?

The popular opinion seems to be that SEO is dead and buried. That Google has put paid to our ability to manipulate its results pages….. but nothing could be further from the truth!

Google has indeed made some wholescale changes in recent years, filtering out any and all sites that don’t comply with its newest, stricter quality filters.

These filters are controlled algorithmically and include things like your websites load speed (Google dislikes slow loading sites), duplicate content, non mobile friendly sites, spam backlink networks and Continue reading “SEO Is Dead – No It Isn’t”

The Speed Deterrents on our Roads

The Speed Deterrents on our Roads

Britain’s roads have been subject to speed restrictions for an awfully long time, 1865 in fact, when steam powered road vehicles were limited to 2mph in built up areas, and had to be preceded by a man carrying a red flag.

In 1896 the first speeding fine for an internal combustion engine car was given to Walter Arnold, for tearing through East Peckham at 8mph, and it cost him one shilling.

Things have certainly changed and technology has delivered upholders of the law and speed limit enforcers some very Continue reading “The Speed Deterrents on our Roads”