Business Networking Is All About Relationships

Business Networking

The benefits of business networking are many fold, however, not all networking is the same.

Some groups offer you more advantages than others.

One such advantage is that any group that only allows one business from each trade or service sector to be a member, ensures that it will be that member who receives any and all referrals that are generated by the group requiring that service.

Of course, you still need to be good at what you do and have a good reputation, but you don’t have to compete with similar buinesses for any opportunities.

Structured Networking

Different groups have different ways of functioning and it is very often these methods and processes that make the biggest difference for the members. Thus, the longest lasting groups tend to be the ones that have the best structures in place.

While some groups (especially larger national organisations) tend to have very strict rules and regulations to govern the consistency between all of their groups, others have few or now rules in place at ll and often become little more than talking shops.

As such, these are often short lived as they dont offer a return on investment for their members.

The most successful groups tend to be the ones with a few strategic rules in place, but that also offer networking tips and assistance, training etc. to help members to become even more successful and to grow their businesses even faster.

One of Bedfords leading weekly business networking groups is The ROOM, a group of 30+ that meets for breakfast every Tuesday morning. Ask them why their members love their meetings so much?