Patio Awning Installation

Outdoor living is becoming very much the norm as we see more and more warmer, drier summers, made more comfortable with the addition of a patio awning to let you control direct sunshine while you are enjoying the great weather.

Modern patio awnings offer high tech solutions, automated to retract in high winds and also to control the temperature of adjoining rooms by deploying when the temparature rises above a preset level.

Small features that help to make life easier and more relaxing.

Sun shade awnings can take several different forms depending on your intended usage. Retractable roof style awnings can be perfect for outside dining areas, or wall mounted awnings can be used in groups to provide large areas of shade across larger patios.

To get some ideas of the best options for your patio, the layout of your garden and where the sun rises and sets, ask for a free, no obligation quote and get a high quality patio awning for your home today.

It’s never wise to sit in direct sunlight all day and the damage that can be done to your skin and the risks of cancer have led more and more people to seek a solution so they can comfortably enjoy their gardens, barbeques and outdoor life while also benefiting from the advantages that an area of shade can offer.

Sun Shades

The days of struggling with difficult to erect garden umbrellas and the large, unwieldy concrete bases they require in order to stay put are long gone.

Today, garden shading can be motorised, automated and fully controllable at the touch of a button.

Affordable style that helps to make your patio into a useable outdoor room that you will be happy to use more and more.

Discover your options and transform your patio today.