SEO Is Dead – No It Isn’t

Is SEO Dead?

The popular opinion seems to be that SEO is dead and buried. That Google has put paid to our ability to manipulate its results pages….. but nothing could be further from the truth!

Google has indeed made some wholescale changes in recent years, filtering out any and all sites that don’t comply with its newest, stricter quality filters.

These filters are controlled algorithmically and include things like your websites load speed (Google dislikes slow loading sites), duplicate content, non mobile friendly sites, spam backlink networks and link farm backlinks, etc.

The rules for getting to the top of Google have changed, but there are still a set of rules that can be manipulated to position your website first.

Google Is All About Quality

If you focus on quality in every aspect of your website then you will be well placed to rank well and attract the organic traffic that you need.

Contrary to popular belief, backlinks are as powerful as they have ever been. SEO³ boost your Google SEO rankings. The only difference between today and a few years ago is that you used to use backlink anchor text to drive specific keywords and now that keyword determination is done with your on page content while your backlink profile passes relevance from one site to another as well as quality, trustworthiness and site authority.

Assuming that your website is fast, clean coded, mobile friendly, has unique, good quality content, and doesn’t have any weak elements preventing it from ranking. (check your potential to rank at Cheap Responsive Web Design Specialists).

There are 8 core ingredients needed for a backlink to be as powerful as it can be. Each one of these elements that is missing will downgrade your link, reducing it’s impact on your rankings.

8 Elements of a great link;

  1. In Google’s Index
  2. Do follow
  3. Has relevant backlinks of it’s own
  4. Contextual backlink from within relevant content
  5. Relevant link page category
  6. Natural anchor text ratios
  7. Trust & Authority score
  8. Non paid link (good neighbourhood)

In simple terms, your link needs to be on a page that is already indexed in Google, doesn’t have a ‘nofollow’ attribute, has backlinks of it’s own, that pass relevant link category, has content that is relevant to your page, uses natural anchor text (your URL, Brand name etc), has a good trust score (0 – 100, the higher the better if the category is applicable to your site content), and isn’t a paid link, or on a page that Google has identified as selling links then you will build links that help you to climb online and out rank your competitors.

If your backlink ticks all of these attributes then it will improve your rankings in SERPs. If you are not sure about any of the points above, ask Deeho SEO Agency to audit your site.